Need help choosing a Sub that will work well.....

I'm new to the audiophile world so I value your opinions and assistance.

My system is comprised of a Bryston 4B-ST, Plenius CD-LAD, and Rega Planet 2000, Energy Veritas 2.3 Speakers, Cardas Cross IC's, Cardas Cross Speaker Cables.

I would like to add a Sub that will work well with these components. Can you offer some suggestions?

Thanks in Advance
REL subs work well with almost everything. Vandersteen makes a nice musical sub. At the budget end of the market, look at Hsu Research.
Hi Bill
I have not heard the Veritas line but currently have a set of B&W asw 2000 for sale which work well with my 805s 6"2 way for HT or music applacations. I am moving to a smaller location and dont have the space for 2 12" units . Check out audio review .com for lots of good reviews .
Check out my thread titled "What subwoofer can i use with my speakers?" it might be of some help.
I have the Veritas 2.3's. My sub is an M&K MX-125 MKII. Mu room is 14x16 and this sub has no problem matching the Veritas. It really compliments the Veritas, making them sound larger than they really are.