Need help choosing a preamp

Hello all,

I have been trying to pick a preamp for a system that has been slowly pieced together over the last 5 years. First of all I will say that the preamp I am looking for will be primarily used for a HT setup. I do intend to listen to SACD's and DVD Audio, but MUST sound good while only being used as a 2 channel system. What I have so far is a pair of Vandersteen 2CE sig 2's (upgraded from 2ci) powered by 2 Adcom GFA-555's, which have been in use for about 10 years. What I have ready to use "buring a hole in thier boxes :)" is an Adcom GFA-7705, to be used alongside the 555's for a 7.1 setup. a Vandersteen VCC-5 (Center), VSM sig (Surr), and a Vwq (Sub). I am currently still looking for a set of rears, but thats another problem. I am looking for something to compliment those speakers and amps. I have been a die hard Adcom fan for many years, but after contemplating the 870HD for a few months i sadly think i may have to get something else a little more up to date. Or not, thats why im here asking. HDMI 1.3 is a must because of the True HD and Deepcolor feature, and I would like more than 2 HDMI inputs, analog video scaling to 1080p, NEO6, and True HD. Im hoping im covering enough to get a good interpretation of what i need. If you need any other information, please ask. I have been out of the A/V game for about a decade, so please be gentile. I thought i was going to have a Vandersettn Adcom setup again, but I feel like there could be a better pre/pro for me out there.
Arcam and Anthem have pretty good AV Processors.
Wow! I think that av888 is exactly what I want. Thanks for the help. Its right in the price range I was thinking too!
Ensure you check out AVM 50v it's much less than the AV888.
If you like Adcom, there is a GFP 565 for sale on this website.