Need help choosing a DSD DAC

I'm just starting out in computer digital music. I've found the computer I will use, but I know nothing about a DSD DAC at the $500 range. I know it needs to be asynchronous (whatever that is).
Sorry for my ignorance in this field.
Thank you in advance.
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Look at the Ami d5 that's for sale on here (no affiliation) six moons gave it a positive review comparing it very favorably to a much more expensive DAC. You might also look at offerings from ifi.
TEAC UD-501 has garnered some very good reviews....supports 2.8 as well as 5.6 DXD.
Please don't make the mistake of buying a computer for digital audio. Given the system you have, your post is confusing but if you are budget constrained I recommend the following

Android or iPad wireless tablet using Kinsky or Oppo Media control app
Oppo 103 as streamer/DAC
Synology NAS for media server

This will set you back all of $1200 with best flexibility for future upgrade and a solution with 24x7 stability. All you need a PC/laptop for is to transfer ripped/new music to the media server.
Thanks for all the responses. I've chosen the Schiits Bifrost dac. I can add a DSD to it at a later date.
I'm being offered about 4tb of music. About 20% is DSD. A lot of 24-96/192 also. It's on an exterior HD. I'm steping into PC based music for the first time. I'm hoping to match or exceed my Modwright cd player. Only time will tell.