Need help choosing...


I am modifying my system, one step at a time, and I need a little input (so to speak):

My front end consists of an EAD 2000 CD player, a tuner and a CJ PV10AL preamp.

I have a pair of PS Audio Delta250 mono amps, which I am going to replace, connected via 6-meter Audioquest Rubys.

My speakers are NHT 3.3s (which I just purchased and have not installed yet. I also have two suwoofers (I can use either/or, or none) - an older, powered Velodyne 12", and a new NHT Sub Two powered dual 10". If I use one of the subs, I need input on cabling, too. Maybe I'll use my AQ Rubys, and get new cables for the mains.

My room is large, app. 25 ft x 40 ft with a pitched ceiling rising from 12 ft to 20 ft, one wall of all glass, carpeted floors.

I am in the music business, and for my critical listening, listen primarily to rock and pop music, VERY loudly.

My questions are these-

1) I LOVE the sound and feel of tubes, and would love to use mono tube amps in my system, but I am concerned about power, and about lack of bass extension/control/slam. Which used amps do you recommend? I have been looking at VTL (225t or 250s), Manley (Ref 350s), Melos (400 watt triodes), Sonic Frontiers (Power 2 or 3s), etc.

2) Should I go Solid State, and stick with Krells, MLs, Brystons or the like?

3) Should I biamp, and then get an external x-over, tube amps for the high end and use my PS Audios for the woofers? Or use one of the powered subwoofers?

Any thoughts??

Thanks - Jeff
I think you need something that glows in the dark. I use Atma-Sphere to good effect. Sonic Frontier 3s would be a good choice, too. I don't have experience with the other amps you mention. Why don't you put some romance in your life? Toobs.
You might want to try Plinius/XLO Sig combo on top or a Conrad J. tube amp and Purist cabling.I would stay away from using different amps top/bottom,you may never get the soundstage to solidify completely.Try to find a cable set- up that you can use thru out the whole system and drive it with one amp.Either class-A biased SS or Push-Pull tube.The VTLs are good,but the SF and Melos I would have reason to pause before making that decision.The latest Krell and Bryston designs may fit the bill-leaning toward Krell.Good luck and let us know the results.

Thanks for the replies - a few followups:

1) I need a LOT of power to get the SPL I crave, so will CJ amps be able to do the trick (within affordability limits, of course - under 3K used for a pair of monoblocks);

2) If I go tubes, Manley, VTL, old Mac gear or any other suggestions?;

3) Same question for cabling - what about tmc - you know, that company from Australia? If not, what's affordable out there used? I need a 0.5m between CD and pre, and a 6-7m run between monoblocs and preamp, as well as a 5m run between preamp and subwoofer.

Thanks again) - Jeff
WOW-Big room. Your right on needing more amp power.The PS mono blocks will run out of steam when pushed to those levels. I would recommend trying to find some Threshold Class A mono blocks such as the S 1000 that is 500 Watts Class A,but do not use a tube pre amp with the Thresholds.Check out the websites listed below for Threshold,the applications you need seem to call for Threshold Power
Oh, well. Too bad nobody (except me) thinks you can get the SPLs you apparently need from toobs. I guess I'm thinking if you can't get enough SPLs from 2-3 hundred watts a channel (Sonic Frontiers) of toob power, well, maybe you need a slightly more efficient loudspeaker. Good luck. Sure hope those NHTs sound good with whatever you feed them.
Jeff If you don't need monos-how about an Edge amp,I've heard nothing put praise for them.Innersound amps can be mono'd to 600w.I had a pair before I switched to the Lamm M1.1s.The Inners might actually be a good match sonically with the CJ preamp.Did you ever think about doing a cable shoot out in your system thru T. Cable Co.,if you are going to upgrade the system,make sure your cables won't be a limiting factor.These things seem to go hand-in-hand.Hope this is helpful.Tom