Need help Cary CD-308 or Naim CD5i

I have decided on one of these players they are in my price range, has anyone listened to both players any suggestions please.
The 5i does not have digital outputs. I looked at this DAC previously and while I think it sounded fine in an all Naim (save speakers) system, in my system it sounded too dark.

I have not done a comparison to the Naim, but the Cary 308 is a nice player, the 308T even better, but a few hundred dollars more if I recall.
Sorry, that should have been CDP, not DAC in my last post.
Jond's right -- there's no digital output on a Naim player. Naim says it's because you absolutely cannot improve upon an integrated cd player solution due to jitter and so forth. Sometimes I wonder if it's yet another Naim trick to keep you in their system approach "flock", though (Most people who own Naim own ALL Naim).
Well guys thanks I didn't realize there was no digital out so
I am going to have to scratch the Naim off my list I definitely want something with a digital out, I was also considering the Sony SCD 777ES even though its out of my price range, but one of my concerns with that player is there is not that many sa-cds out there and is the player capable of good redbook play back or would a wadia 830 be a better choice.
As a FYI, I don't think the Cary 308 has a digital out either. I have the 308T (tubed version of the 308) and it does NOT have a digital out and assume the standard 308 would be the same.