Need Help - Buy Revel Studio 1s or Vivid v-1.5s?


I have the opportunity to spend $3800 on a pair of legacy Revel Studios or plunk down $4500 on a pair Vivid V-1.5s - both from private sales.

My dilemma:

Studios are a terrific full range floor stander with one less bass driver than the legacy Salons (me thinks...). Retailed for far more when new in their day than the Vivid Oyster 1.5s (about $7500 new). While I know that cost doesn't matter as much as how each speaker sounds to our ears, but should these two pairs even be matched toe-to-toe in the same weight class?

The Studios will have a nice balance from top to bottom but the Vivids are supposedly "life altering" from the reviews except without so much LF. Please advise. Which would you choose with my money? LOL

vivid is way so cool the cool will last a long time revel is just a nice speaker vivid is a classic.
Hi Bbogan,

I've heard both speakers relatively recently but in different rooms and with
different electronics. So take my comparison with a grain of salt.

The Revels were driven by Mark Levinson electronics, while the Vivids by
Naim. The Revels had somewhat harsh highs and the midrange was a bit thin,
but overall they sounded huge and powerful. The Vivid were much more
refine and sophisticated (fuller midrange and nice silky highs), their bass was
decent but could certainly not compete with what the Revels put out.

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