Need Help - Best Tube Amp for My System - Thiels

I need advice as to which monoblock amps that will work best in my current system. I’m stuck on monoblocks first for performance and secondly for aesthetics (poor reasoning). After endless research, I’m leaning towards a tube amp. Although my Thiel’s are not the easiest speaker to drive and many feel that solid state is the way to go with Thiels, I feel that a good tube amp is what I am looking for because of the kind of music I listen to. I also feel that tubes will make “average to poor recordings” sound more enjoyable. I rarely listen to music at concert levels but I don’t want to be caught with insufficient power to drive my speakers correctly. As noted in “My System”, home theater is really not even a consideration here. At this point I am considering the Quicksilver V4’s, Conrad Johnson 12’s, VTL’s, and Audio Research monoblocks. I’m also trying to stay below $3K used.
Have a look at the Wolcotts which are offered here for sale. They are a tad above budget though but probably offer the best bass performance as far as your list above is concerend. Cheers,
IF AGE DOES not matter,a PAIR OF AUDIO RESEARCH , ID SAY A pair of D115MKII, stereo amps115wpc@8ohmbi-latterally bi-amp;230wpc .can be had for around 1000.00 ea. on audiogon,these amps are approx. 10 yrs old,originally sold for 4000.00 ea,pure tube circuit,no hybrid.8-6550 for outputs
Your 2.2's are the same Thiels I've used since '97. After going through a couple of modest SS amps, I put a C-J MV-55 on 'em and lived happily for a few years. Then I got a pair of VTL MB-185 Signature mono's last year and shifted into warp drive - to me, it's an outstanding combination (something which Shari at Thiel - also a 2.2 owner - seconded when I visited the factory this year). The 2.2's are among the friendliest loads Thiel has offered over the last decade, and any decent 4 ohm rated tubed amp of sufficient power for your room size and listening habits should work fine. Of course, the speakers are very honest and revealing, so as far as amp quality goes, the better, the better. Your list looks like a fine starting point - now it's time to audition some stuff for yourself (the amps I got are not found used all that often, but should fall within your budget - the C-J's or any late-model monoblock ARC's will likely go over).