Need Help - Best System For My Budget???

Thank you for your advice/help - I need it. I am a hifi beginner and need much help in putting together a quality system. I hope you'll give me as much advice as possible. Here's what I have to work with:
-Budget total of $5000-$7000 - must include entire system of power (either integrated or preamp/amp), loudspeakers, CD player, all necessary quality cables
-90% certain I want Energy Audissey 5+2 loudspeakers ($1600)
-I live in an apt. in NYC - room size is approx. 20'x30'
-I listen to all music, mostly rock and jazz, a lot of live music
-This is first and foremost an audio system, but I want the ability to expand it into a quality home theater system (addition of rear and center speakers, sub if necessary)

I am struggling most with amplification. Given that I want the Energy speakers and want to get the most out of them - how should they be powered - integrated amp? Preamp/amp? Tubes vs. Solid State? I'm leaning toward the McIntosh line - MC300 amp.

I am naive about sound quality differences between power sources. I am completely open to buying used equipment in the power category because I know I can save big dollars and get equipment otherwise outside my budget in the new/retail market. Your help is most appreciated. Many thanks!
Geordie, I would recommend starting witha great 2 channel system.You can always add ht to when you get more funds.I would suggest spending the majority on hifi 2 channel as i believe ht sonics are'nt as crucial to enjoyment, imho.That said, i would get a sonic frontiers line 2{1300 used}, Mccormack dna .5{1100} newform research r645's{1900 blems} Homegrown ic's and speaker cable.Then later you could add some inexpensive/inwalls for rears. If you listen to the rears in dd/dts they really don't gett enuff play to spend alot of $$$ imho! With the newform's they say you dont even need a center channel{soundstage is so wide!}As for front end i dont think you could do much better than the sony s9000es @1050${one} it has progressive dvd, cd,sacd and is supposed to be excellent in all areas.Sf has processor loop for ht so you could integrate it later but that,s a whole 'nother thread!
I agree with Streetman. Start with a good 2 channel system first. Actually you could make it a 2.1 system if you included a great musical sub like those made by REL or Vandersteen. Movies will sound great without the rear or middle. When you do go 5.1 channel, I recommend you try running the front 2 speakers as powered before, from your audio amplifier and not through the digital decoder. Only power the middle and rears through the digital decoder. I find the fronts sound a lot better and therefore the whole experience. Also try to get the rest of your HT speakers from the same basic brand, so they will voice as close as possible