Need Help, B & W 702 S2, KLIPSCH RF 7 III or Focal 926

Hello all, I am new to this forum and need some feedback.  I am setting up a system separate from my dedicated listening room and need help.  I have narrowed it down to the three speakers mentioned. Any information would be helpful. my dedicated listening space I have Wilson Sasha’s, Klipsch Heresy and B & W 802, all driven by Audio Research Tube gear and VPI turntables.  I do not wish to spend that much on the setup downstairs. 
Consider the Forte iii instead of the RF 7-iii. A more musical speaker than the RF-7. My 2 cents. 
I’ve heard all 3 and felt the 702 was the most refined and neutral sounding. The Klipsch was a bit fatiguing. If you already like the 802 (I’ve got 802 D3s) you’ll like the 702s. That said, depending on your price and considering used, maybe also consider the Focal Sopra 2, Kanta, or 804D3 if you like those brands.
Thanks everyone for your input.  I do like the Klipsch Heritage series.  If driven right they sound great...(with tubes). I have owned Heresy’s, Chorus and Forte’s..still own Heresy’s. I have settled for the B & W 702 S2 speakers driven by a used Bryston amp and preamp.  Thanks again