Need help B&K AVR-202 or Rotel RSX-972??

I am trying to put together a second room and am in the market for a used receiver. I am looking at the B&K AVR-202 and the Rotel RSX-972. I have read many reviews but have never heard either. Either one can be found used for $650-850. I want to drive Magnepan MMGs and the new MMG-Ws. This will be for HT only. I will have a second 2ch system. Both of the above receivers recieve good reviews. Can anyone compare or contrast these receivers? Anyone tried them with Maggies or 4ohm speakers? Any advice or comments will be welcomed.
I am going through the same decision making process. I currently am using the MMG's front and will use the MMGW for rear with the MMGC for center channel.
I was told that the Rotel will handle the 4 ohm requirements of the Maggies better. Let me know what you hear.
i have heard that the customer service department at rotel is terrible and they do not list how much power their receivers can pump out at 4ohms, but i have not personally heard either unit. i may just with jolida amps and worry about ht later
You can't go wrong with either one -- I owned the B&K 305 and it was excellent --- great company as well, personally, I would go with B&K.
I powered a pair of Thiel 3.6's whith a B&K 202 for grins and it seemed to have no problems driving them a few years back.

I used an Electrocompanient amp whith the 3.6's for every day use but just had to see if the 202 would hold up.

I also had no problems whith the 202 in the two plus years I owned it for H/T use.