Need Help AR XA Turntable

For a friend of mine I have refurbished this venerable turntable. The help I need is in regards to the tone arm.The orginal AR tone arm has seen its better days. Looking for another arm for this table. He would like to have a straight arm as opposed to the s -shape. He has about $200.00 to spend on a arm. Okay Audiogon members help me out here. What do you have or what do you recommend.


Rega RB250. After a little while when he can afford to, get the OL mods for it. Look into the Merrill mods for the AR turntable. They are inexpensive and do help.
Sumiko Premier used.
The Grace 707 is a terrific arm for high compliance cartridges, especially the Shure V15. You could get one used for $150. I have seen a 707 mounted on an AR and it looked pretty sharp.
You're not going to be able to mount another arm without
substantial modification to the table. I'm not sure the
Merril mods are still available. Good luck.