Need help/advice from Bryston owners

A couple of days back my 2 year old 14 BST went up in smoke with an impressive firework display. I bought the amp from the authorised Bryston dealer in New Delhi, India, where I live. The dealer informs me that the malfunction was probably caused by a shorting of the speaker terminals and hence is not covered by the warranty.I am not sure what caused the malfunction;but what are the fuse and the circuit breaker switches meant for?
I have a $300 Marantz receiver which goes into standby if the speaker terminals are shorted. Would imagine that a 6k amp would have similar technology.
Would appreciate any advice/ suggestions.
Many thanks.
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Call Chris Russell at Bryston and tell him your story.

The number is on the website at
Bryston gives a 20 year warantee.
I shorted my speaker terminals. Sent the amp for repair and was completely covered by Bryston warantee.
Excellent service from a great company
Sorry that your amp went up in smoke. However your dealer's explanation is a punch of bull-crap. Regardless, of what caused the malfunction call Bryston, as Raquel suggested, they are a great company and will address your problem. As far as your dealer, I know I would not be a patron of his store anymore if this is how he handled this difficulty. CALL BRYSTON-forget about the dealer.

You're getting great advice. Contact Bryston directly.

I sent in my BP-20 preamp earlier in the year for what turned out to be a problem with an upstream component. Bryston tuned up the 11 year old preamp with a couple of new connectors on the back and replaced a slightly sticky power switch. The thing is like brand new.

I have a feeling they'll get you fixed up.

i actually have shorted my speaker terminals by letting them touch....did it more then once,always just blew the fuse on the amp side of the 4BST.
As others have said, Bryston will take care of you. Forget the dealer and contact Bryston directly.
Many thanks for the advice. This is most reassuring. Will contact Bryston directly.
An update and public acknowledgement of Bryston's superb service and customer care are in order.I received the repaired 14BSST on July 21, 2005. Bryston despatched all the parts free to their New Delhi(India)distributor, who charged me the equivalent of USD 225 !!
Most important the amp seems to be working fine though a little on the bright side. Is there a break in period for the new transistors?
Once again many thanks for your comfort and support.
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I'm surprised that they charged you. I got my 9BST fixed for free.
As far as break-in period goes, it does take at least 200 to 300 hours to break-in. This is true for any new soldering point.
Curious, I shorted my 3B ST once and I paid the dealer US$50 for labor. Parts were free.
Bryston is a great company, obviously their Indian dealer is not in the same league!