Need help ...

My gear is : Pass labs x350.8 + preamps McIntosh c50 + Wilson Sophia 3 + oppo105d  
Do I missed anything or need any adjustment in my gear that help my gear will be the best match possible as your suggestions  
thank you 
this is my first gear 
I think you have it covered. How does it sound?
Agree with Mward.  It's excellent equipment.  How does it sound to you?  If you like it, try not to obsess over whether it could be better and just enjoy it.
I agree with the two above comments, your equipment is very good.
Out of curiosity, what interconnects, speaker cables and power cords are you using?
I think you can squeeze a better sound from your system by using a better source component. Oppo is a good piece but a better transport combined with a quality DAC should be a noticeable improvement. This is of course a pure conjecture on my part since I don't have direct experience with your system.
I agree with kalali. I think that the Oppo is the weakest link.
Before you start spending money, make sure your set up and room are optimized.  If these are bad, you will just be throwing money away.
Get pro help with room acoustics. Call GIK Acoustics. Great people, free advice and best value products.
You have great equipment. Optimize speaker position (its free)
Agree with Erik; GIK Acoustics for room ; great advice / good value.
Use your ears, take your time, Enjoy.

Best to All on this Journey 
agree on Oppo as weak link, though it is good...
damn, your first system and you start at the top......I hate you.
Jealousy (re kennesawjet) is always the best compliment. *L*

Relax, enjoy it, get used to it, play about with the simple tweaks first.

The dive into esoteria can wait, and it will be there waiting when you feel the itch. ;)
" I agree with kalali. I think that the Oppo is the weakest link."

Me too. Keep in mind, that its my best guess. You need to post what type of problem you're having, because even though most of us thinks its the Oppo, it may not be.
I would sale the mac and get a pass preamp that would match up better and sound better with your pass amp.Any mac product that I have ever had was noisy and slow and just didn't sound very good to me.The oppo is not bad but I would look for a better dac such as ps audio ds or junior,I have both and love them.You could use the oppo as the transport and use the digital coax out to the dac.

I would'nt worry too much about cables as long as you are using decent ones.

IMO the source is the biggest influence in sound in a system although others do not agree with me.  The Mac has a sound that is usually very musical with sweet mid-range sound.  That is more of a preference.  The suggestion to use the Pass preamp will change the sound from the Mac preamp so this is a preference thing again.

Happy Listening.
You have a good system. Your best bet for improvements are room treatments and cables.
thank you very much to every one give me suggestions. i think i should sell MC C50 and looking Pass labs xp30 0r xp20. these speaker cable i’m using MIT cables and XLR shunyata connector and i’m thinking to placing some panel to reflex the sound it will help better sound right !
The Oppo is fine choice for background music or movies, nothing more.  With it as your source the rest of your equipment is way overkill.    

Relax, Take a look at my system; similar to yours. Use Pass and MIT. Have had Wilson in past. I am still using a 26-27 yrs old CDP. Only thinking off replacing it due to on off has become unreliable.
I am a vinyl guy, so no hurry to replace it.
As others have suggested; Take your time. Get to know the equipment you have. There will always be better/ newer equipment to have.
 I am a firm believer in treating your room. DEDICATED ROOM is Key component. At least area behind and sides of your Speakers.
Again, Speaker position 1st. Then room treatment. If you want everything Now; hire a professional to do it. But I think you would learn more just taking time to study, learn and do it yourself over time. New digs can change things and you would need to start over.
Plenty of resources out here.GIK acoustics,"Master handbook of acoustics " Are good places to start.
Speaker Angle and Speaker Pro apps on iPhone are a Big help and inexpensive in the scheme of things. Learn to listen, you must have a dealer nearby to have obtained the equipment you have. He should loan you equipment to audition before you buy any more. There are dealers that will send equipment to audition for shipping both ways. Where do you live? I am sure someone on this site would help you. Post pics of your system; that will help us give you further advice.

Best Wishes; Enjoy the Journey 
Agree about the Oppo not being up there with the Pass or Wilsons, but I'll throw the Mac in there as well, as from what I see it's full of opamps.

Cheers George