Need Help

Recently had a Technics SP10MKII, built by Peter at PBN Audio, one very special table. I replaced the stock mat with a Funk Firm Achromat 1200 which improved the clarity, bass, and dynamics over the stock mat although the mat does sound better with no weight on it. I'm hoping to hear from people who use the Funk Firm mat and have improved the sound with a record weight, and if so which one did you use. Appreciate all comments.
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I have several Funk Firm Achromats.  Outside of the very expensive Living Voice Mystic Mat, (carbon fiber) the Anchromat is my favorite mat.

I use an Aluminati record weight with the mat on my Rega P25 and it works great.  I also have one on my Planar 3 and a special made one on my custom VPI HW-19, that Matt made for me.
Appreciate the info mofimadness.