Need help

I have deceided that my ears have had enough of the Yamahas of this world,and after being out of the high end market for so long im lost! I know I want tube gear agian but with so many manufactures selling this stuff,some of which Ive never heard of,its getting confusing. What should I be looking for?????? Im going to start with amps,no more than $3000 any advise or suggestions?
It's a daunting task to research new equipment. When I decided I wanted to get back into tube gear, I spent at least 6 months reading various disicussion forums before buying anything. I started by exploring the various amp topologoies (push-pull, single ended, parallel, etc.) until I decided I definitely wanted a pair of SET (single-ended triode) amps. Then I spent a considerable amount of time deciding which tubes (how much power), and then what brand of amp.

You may want to start by figuring out what the minimum amount of power you need for your speakers.
Good advice by Jdombrow. I also was investigating SET amps recently and it became obvious there was nothing in my budget that was going to work with 88db efficient speakers. Since the speakers weren't going anywhere, I ended up going in another direction with my amp choice.