need headphone amp recommendations

I'm looking for decent headphone amp up to $300 used.
What would you recommend (Creek, MusicalFidelity, other)?
Forget,the 2 you have mentioned,and go with a "Headroom","ANY" Headroom amp.There all good,way better then Creek or Musical Fideilty.Do not buy an Antique Sound Labs either,unless you want to be "continually" replacing tubes.There quality is "very suspect" Ron...
Swing up for a Ray Samuels Audio XP-7 without the power supply (use batteries). Check out
Search the archives here... this very same question came up yesterday
Ron007... what do you mean by continually replacing tubes on the ASL? why do you say their quality is suspect? The ASL MG Head OTL amp is very popular with headphone users on
In response to "Dennis The Menace". The ASL headphone amp,may be liked by people on,but that may be the "only" site or people who like them.They have had,and "continue" to have "major" reliability issues.Ask someone at www.headroom,what they think of them.Have known 3 people who owned them,they were all sold within 1 year,for the above fore mentioned reasons.Bottom Line: There "JUNK"!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron...
I own:
1. Berning microZOTL
2. ASL MG Head OTL
3. HeadRoom Cosmic with Base Station One
4. HeadRoom Little More Power (Premium Module)
5. HeadRoom AirHead
The Berning is definately my favorite. The HeadRoom amps are clear, clean, and sound like solid state amps (which of course they are). The bass on the Little is a bit loose without the More Power. The ASL MG Head OTL is a bit tuby but enjoyable if you like a tube sound. I usually prefer it to the HeadRoom amps (I like tubes) and I have not had any problems with mine. You can get an idea of the sound of the HeadRoom amps at a reasonable price with an AirHead with a thirty day return policy. The folks at HeadRoom are great to work with ( Good Luck.
Budrew, thanks for pointing out the Emmeline XP-7. I was leaning toward the Perreaux SXH1, which is still $150 less, but I want to get more information how they compare.
Checking your 'system', I see you have a great headphone setup with the Sennheiser HD600 headphones. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated.

Ron007, at "www.headroom"(.com?) Mr. Zipperhead had a conniption when confronted with questions about headphone amps and his brain fell out. Good thing I didn't ask him about power cords. You must mean, which is the Headroom website.