Need HDMI knowledge pertaining to Denon receivers

ok my Onkyo Integra finally fried on me so I am deciding to upgrade my receiver. I have ALWAYS wanted a avr-5803a but I know that they are not equipped with HDMI capabilities or true 1080. I love the power that the reciver has and Denon as a whole. So my questions are is it possible to use the 5803 and get a HDMI converter (Do they even make one?)? Is it effective or a waste of time? (the reason I ask is I want the onscreen display on my plasma). There is a guy on here that has a 5803A, 5910 and the right cable to get it to function but I do not think the OSD function will work when I am playing DVD's. I am a novice at this so I apologize for the questions but I would like some direction. I ordered a Pioneer Elite Kuro 60" plasma so if I can't keep 1080 all the way through I need to look a different route. Hopefully there is a way with the 5803A and the 5910. Thanks for all the help guys.
Fist of all, the 5910 is a DVD player, and contrary to popular belief, up-converted dvd's do not look as good as Blu-ray. If you just bought a Kuro, then you should really be looking at Blu-ray to take full advantage of such a beautiful monitor.

Yes, you could use an external HDMI switcher, but you will not be able to take advantage of the new surround formats over HDMI. How many HDMI inputs on the back of the Kuro? If there's like 3-4, them you could do the video switching through the Kuro.

My suggestion would be to pickup a used Denon that has HDMI switching built in. Then you could do decoding of the new surround formats in the Blu-ray player and output bitstream, over HDMI, to the Denon receiver. (if the denon allows this) Better yet, just pickup a used Denon that has HDMI and also decodes the new formats.
I once bought a (R,B,G)component video to HDMI converter for $50 on eBay, and the quality was really bad; really dark and nasty. I did not use top quality cables back then so...
I now have Denon 5910 HDMI and really enjoy its video quality. Its colors are more cinema like, it won't get the sharp clean detail as Blueray. However, I thought Blueray colors are pale and lifeless. If you enjoy just the movie, go for Denon 5910. If you enjoy looking at tiny sweat on the face, hair on the hands, nose, or eye-lash, or 1 tiny gray hair on the back of the head, go for the Blueray.
With a very good (expensive) component cables, the color from Ayre DVD is best I found so far. I also have seen it on Krell DVD Standard but it couldn't get close to Ayre's colors quality.
I'm not getting Blueray yet because first their sound quality. Second , I don't and will not have Blueray disks for awhile...
* Don't buy the component video-to-HDMI converter.
I respectfully disagree about the quality and sound of Blu-ray. having seen dozens and Dozens of different Blu-ray players, they blow away DVD just about every time. However, if you buy a cheapo player, or your HD monitor/TV isn't up to snuff, then your going to get poor video quality. DTS-MA and DD-HD are incredible and even my wife can hear the difference. Even she can see the difference between dvd, HD-TV and Blu-ray and the only thing she's interested in is Regis and Kelly. I have no problem getting Blu-ray disc. Netflix has a large selection, and all the new stuff is on Blu-ray. It's rare for netflix to ship me a dvd anymore.
I forgot to add that I was VERY impressed with the sound and picture (color & details) quality of the $2,000 Denon Blueray 3800BDci in movies perspective. Other lesser BlueRay players that I auditioned and stated above were from Samsung, Sony priced around $300 to 600 when they were first intro'd (years back.)So yes, the BlueRay players can be good especially a used Denon BD-3800 can be had for less than $1K, same as a used Denon-5910.
Thanks for the responses guys. I guess I will pass on the 5803A and keep my eyes open for the 5803.
oops meant 5308...