Need HDMI Cable Recommendations ?

Looking for 1 meter length.
Have a look at this:

Must admit, based on my limited experience and reading reviews I agree entirely with the author of the above article (this is sure bound to generate some controversy here on AudiogoN!). Simply buy the most affordable, well made, HDMI cable you can find. They probably all perform the same irrespective of price.
Blue Jeans cable.
Agree with the previous post, Blue Jeans Cables make excellent, sensibly priced products. I use their HDMI, XLR and speakers cables; all are excellent.
I found a superb HDMI cable that is also inexpensive. Check out the Redmere HDMI cable from
Agree with Monoprice. I have used them and had beautiful pictures on my 60" plasma.
For short HDMI runs (less than 10m) buy the cheapest cable you can.

The only thing I will say is if you are running that cable in the wall right near a power cable then get a well shielded cable which will still be very cheap.
This is just another round of the same old same Julian Hirsch debates from the 80's about how any wires could possibly sound better than zip cord. If you have done your audiophile due diligence and set your system up with care for proper wire dressing, half-way decent power cords, good support for individual components, clean connections, and at least minimally clean power, the results of hi-quality HDMI design are obvious to all viewers as well as most listeners. I run a 5 year old Pioneer 7.1 receiver, 8 year-old Vizio plasma, ATT Uverse set-top box, an OPPO 95 and a set of 15 year old Infinity Interludes through an early Tice power block, using power cords obtained used from agon for about $100 each. The OPPO has 2 HDMI outputs which allowed me to switch between them with the remote. I tried about 10 of them before acquiring a $1200 silver PS-Audio on the used market. The resulting picture improvements were astonishing to anyone who was not blind.

Still, I cannot recommend PS-Audio as it was bested by the Mapleshade vividlink plus that goes for $165/2m, compared to 1800 for a similar length PS-Audio. The Mapleshade not only bested the all silver PS-Audio, but it sounds as good on audio as any of the other digital audio schemes I also tried including 2 versions of silver SPDIFs and some upmarket optical cables. Like all things audio, let your own eyes and ears determine what you do.
I have an Audioquest Vodka which is awesome. The resolution
is insane (Bladerunner was actually a let-down, because now I
can see that everything was filmed on a set..! Go figure). I
have used it for both Blueray and Roku applications and
really felt that it took my screen (Panasonic) to another
level. Also good for music (Spotify from Roku)
(I have a Blue Jean cable in addition to the Vokda. It's good for $2 or whatever, but it does not carry 50% of the Vodka's high detail resolution).
For audio purposes, like between a PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC and Transport, HDMI cables have very limited impact on sound, far less than is the case with power cords, interconnects, and S/PDIF digital cables. For A/V purposes, you are asking in the wrong forum. Personally, I have noticed zero visual difference when using different HDMI cables to my TV. Go with Blue Jeans, Monoprice, or Supra (if you want to splurge.)
The best I ever heard was the Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI. Check them out!
Even the cable guy commented on the stark difference between his HDMI cable and the Mapleshade Vivilink Plus.
I also own the Wireworld Silver Starlight 7 HDMI Cables. Very impressive video on my new 4K 85" Samsung.
I use a WireWorld silver starlight 5.2- absolute killer HDMI bettered only by the Platinum model. Outstanding audio/video wether you use a tubed tv or plasma. I cannot not imagine a better cable for the price I paid ($100- close-out). Happy Watching!
Walmart has 2x 1m cables $9.99
I use Wireworld Violet 7.....they are made really well, sound really great, provide a really vivid/clean/clear picture....what more could you want? I tried cheaper cables that lasted a month or so, and fell apart that couldn't deliver the quality that these Wireworld cables do.
I found several good quality hdmi cables on Amazon for about 6 dollars.
Little to loose to try. Mine works just fine it seems. I would not know what
would make any hdmi wire worth spending much so I don't.
Try the Apollo AV Lightning v2 HDMI. 5% silver content flat construction 1 meter $49.95. Equal to or better than cables from the the famous cable makers who charge an arm and a leg for their wares. Try it, it's a real eye and ear opener.

Monoprice Redmere.
Is there a really a difference in HDMI? I mean, from CNET (as Mgattmch posted):

"First off, cheap cables will produce the exact same picture and sound quality as expensive cables. Check out our HDMI cable trilogy: " Why all HDMI cables are the same ," " Why all HDMI cables are the same, Part 2 ," " Still more reasons why all HDMI cables are the same " and " 4K HDMI cables are nonsense ." These articles go into extensive detail about how HDMI cables work, and why by their very nature, you're either getting a perfect image, or no image at all."
Technically no, but yes marketwise.
WIth some things the differences are clear.

ALthough I have heard what seem to be some digestible theoretical arguments about how or why different digital cables may sound better, I have not detected much if any noticeable differences to-date myself. I am of the mindset that the differences that may exist are relatively small and not as common on the grand scale of things in practice and that there are many other things one can focus on to improve sound that is more likely to produce dividends. Even power cords and analog ICs... I do hear significant differences with those almost every time.

Digital ICs is just one thing that has not mustered much concern on my part to-date. I'm sure others will disagree though. Especially those who design such things with very strict tolerances with such things in mind.