Need HDMI Cable Input: Knowledge/Comparison Assist, Please

Hi all,

I’m seeking actual comparative experience and comparative notes between HDMI cables you’ve tried/used. Please forego comparisons to manufacturer supplied cables or Amazon Basics, no name brand/etc ... I understand that pretty much any quality HDMI you would have bought to replace those would show notable improvements.

I’m engaging in my first round of tweek/improvements since 2019. Video HDMI is something I really should have done a long way back, but simply forgot about, as I focused on my analog audio section. I’m interested in the inexpensive range, and have thus far narrowed it down too (on reading only) Pangea, Furutech, DH Labs or Jenvings Supra HDMI cables. Basically the $100-$300 range.

One HDMI will go from a Fios HD Cable Box to my T.V. (Sony 65Z9D full LED backlit - Sony’s top of the line through 2020).

The other HDMI will go from an Oppo UDP-205 to the TV.

Thanks in advance. I’m very much looking forward to the knowledge and experiences you have to share!


I’ve experienced satisfaction using Blue Jeans to my Sony TV. An X800 BluRay, X1 Cable & Roku Ultra among 6 inputs. I feel anything costlier to be overkill but have at it.

I've tried WireWorlds with no discernible difference.

For the absolute best performance, go with the DH Labs Silver HDMI 2.1- it is simply amazing.

@fuzztone   thank you!  That's very useful, as I've read comparisons posted about the WireWorld, so your note on the Blue Jean has valuable meaning for me.  I did at one point wonder if Blue Jean had an HDMI, but forgot to look into that possibility. 

Very much appreciated!

@jwpstayman  I've read similar about the DH Labs.  Can you provide a comparison to another cable?  Thanks.