Need Guidance From Vienna Acoustics Bach Owners

I am considering buying these speakers and would appreciate guidance from owners. Specifically, how do they work in larger rooms, how is the perceived frequency balance, what are the power requirements, etc.? Any experience with tube amps, as well. Thanks.
Marty Kohn
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I've heard the Bach's, though haven't owned them. They are a polite, sweet sounding speaker, though perhaps a bit colored to my ear. That is not necessarily a bad thing - very few speakers really have a neutral voicing - you just need to like the way they sound with the range of music you play.

The Bach's do not require much to drive them: they are 6 Ohm speakers with a 93 db sensitivity. So I'm sure you could do it tubes if you wanted to (I wouldn't, but that is just me). As to how they will sound in a larger room, it depends on what you mean my large I suppose, but in general I would think they are more appropriate for small to medium sized rooms. The only way you can really tell is to try them at home in the room in question, being driven my your electronics at the volume to which you like to listen.

If you are buying new, a good dealer will let you take them home for an audition. But then there is also the question of getting them set up in the room optimally. For my money, this really requires considerable expertise. As hard as it may be to believe, an inch or two one way or the other can make a very big difference.(I always pay a professional to set my speakers, even for auditions, though it is an added expense).