Need good to very good video power cord

Help please...

I'm in need of a decent power cable for a video application.

Must be flexible, 15A NEMA/IEC 1M or so.

Under $300.

Thanks very much
Tekline Micro Reference would be quite good. Flexible and within your budget.

EDIT: I checked the pricing, and it appears at $395 that it's above your price
target. Sorry.
I have used the Nordost Shiva for both video and audio applications. It's lightweight and flexible and really provided a razor sharp image with excellent sound on my plasma. There are a few for sale here on audiogon for around $200 for a 2 meter cable
My thinking behind this question was this... I have been swapping around some of the power cords I have around here onto my Onkyo receiver. Trying to just see what's what... I settled on the Taipan helix Alpha... for a while. The audio was better, but I noticed a golden hue and at times an almost sepia tohne to the video image.

I decided to hook up & fire up the tube rig so I put a VD P3 onto tjhe receiver... and the Helix back onto the mono block...

Firing up the HT I saw instantly the golden hue was gone, and a far more natural video image was apparent. Not as bright or vivid, but surely more naturally colored.

the sound of course became more pedestrian. I did nothing with the hard wired pc on the Ben Q FPJ.

So I suppose either I can improve upon both audio and video with the addition of another cord on the Onkyo for a modest price, OR just live with the VD Power III... and the less than remarkable sound that goes with it. huh?

A $900 cord getting outdone by one costing a fraction of that albeit in some respects... hmmmm.

Thanks so far for the input guys... and the correction, Tvad.