Need good speaker cable for modest system.

Have new Cambridge Azur 540 system and Mission 701 speakers. Am looking at reasonably priced speaker cables. Audioquest Type 4 & Kimber Cable 4PR. Any idea which would sound best and bring the most detail and control out of my system? Any other cable suggestions?
go for the discovery 1-2-3. they make great cables and are reasonably priced.

Signal Cable is also inexpensive and a fairly safe choice.
Agree with Mikesinger re: Discovery. I have some six foot lengths of Discovery Signature Speaker cable which is a step up from 1-2-3 if you are interested.
I have Signal Cables and really enjoy them. My system is approx. the same "level" as yours, and they were my choice. They are not the "last word" of course, but for the money are very very good.IMO
I strongly suggest military grade silver plated copper, 12 ga, about 37-41 strands, Teflon insulated. This will outperform stuff like Kimber 8TC and similar...
Thanks everyone for your responses, it has given me more food for thought.
Coincident CST 0.5 is very close to expensive loudspeaker cable in price. $200 for an 8 foot pair. Great bass, a nice warm, full sound, with a lot of detail.

Gets my recommendation every day of the week.
Take a look at the Anti-Cable offered at Zero Impedance. You may have to email Paul for information. I haven't heard these, but Paul has been getting some good testimonials.
Ditto the Discovery 1-2-3. For the money it is very difficult to better if you want a true to the music cable.
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His are the best value I've come across. Excellent sound. Open, detailed, good soundstage all with a money back guarantee.
I agree about Gregg Straley's cables (which are cryo'd, by the way). They definitely are better than the AZ Matrix Reference that I have in my system. A much more open soundstage, better detail. And for the price, well, they're a steal!