Need good bal;anced processor.

I have a decent HT running full balanced there for I woudl like a processor that handles balanced.

I have looked at the Cary Cinima 11 and left a deposit on one but due to some recent bad lunk with several pieces of Cary equipnment and there repair cost and policy I will not do any more Cary equipnment.

I looked at the Classe and that looks nice but cost is much higher and for hdmi 1.1 there new model is not avaiable yet.

Any others I can look at? Who makes good processors I don't need anything special just good sound and I do have a dedicated video switcher.
Well, that will depend on what you want.

I understand you use an external switcher, but do you want to take advantage of the new audio codecs on Blu-ray (and HD DVD for that matter)? If so, your choices are very limited right now. If you don't want them, then there are plenty of older balanced pre/pro's out there to choose from. I always like the Proceed PDSD/PAV combo, but it is pretty dated now, older EAD are great too, the 8800 pro was a nice unit. Meridian 861 is one of my all time fav's, but you will need to replace or update any of these if you ever plan to utilize all those lovely new lossless codecs!

If you want the new codecs, so far the Integra DTC 9.8 is one of the only ones out, Denon's new AVP is coming out I think this week, maybe out already, and it has all the bells and whistles you could ever need, and Lyngdorf is also soon releasing thei D-1 (Lyngdorf makes TacT audio's gear) that looks to be a giant killer ($17K)