Need good amp match for Dunlavy SC-IV's

Preparing to purchase amp to drive my SC-IV's. Been using an old McIntosh MC-2500 (yeah, i know). Looking for some feedback before pulling the trigger.
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Heard the Dunlavy SC-IV/A's bi-amped with (2) Classe CA-150's. The sound was awesome (deep tightly controlled base, wide open soundstage, that sense of the music being there rather than coming out of (2) speakers). Classe makes larger amps, but you don't need any more power (or expense I would guess). I would definitely recommend bi-amping rather than (1) amp like a CA-300 with the equivalent power. It is an excellent amp too, but bi-amping works better.
After listening to Bryston 7b,levinson,threshold, and cary slm-200s I went to the Wolcott Presence monoblocks. They are awesome. The best bass depth and transparency by far