Need Golden Tube amp repaired

I am the proud owner of a pair of Golden Tube SE-100 power amps, but recently one of the amps has taken to constantly blowing the main power fuse after only being turned on for about ten seconds. I know that Golden Tube is no longer in business, but is there anybody out there who might be able to repair this terrific sounding, but currently troubled amplifier?
Thanks in advance for your help,
The manufactures list on this web site shows a name and phone number for Golden Tube, you might try it.
First things first. Have you tried changing tubes ? If possible, use some older but still verified good tubes. If there is actual damage to the amp circuitry itself, it doesn't roast a brand new or more expensive set of "glowers".

If it isn't a bad tube, i would venture to say that a capacitor went south.... Sean
Mike,if u need your amp repaired you can try Cary audio in North Carolina,I believe they will fix any tube amp for either 89.00 or 99.00 plus parts.
Mike, I am not sure that this lead will work out for you 100%, but please call John Adams at Community Audio in Philadelphia, PA. Phone number is (215) 242 - 4080.

John was a dealer for Golden Tube, and carried the line as long as anyone. I believe he has a connection to the owner of the former company, as Bill who works there dropped the guy's name to me almost two weeks ago. They even have a Golden Tube SE-100(12(???) EL34 output tubes) in the window as we speak. Undoubtedly, he has come across people along the way who needed these products serviced, so I believe he will point you in the right direction at the very LEAST.

Just did a search on my previous post regarding GTA repair; please refer to this thread: