Need FM/AM tuner, suggestions

Well this is indirectly theater related. I recently purchased a Golden Theater GTX-1 Preamp/Processor. It's sound is fantastic, but it does not have a tuner and I do listen to the radio on a regular basis. So I would like to add one. Can anyone reccomend some digital tuners that are Reasonably priced. I'm totally open to the used market. I don't want to spend more than $150. Right now I'm using a walkman. Another option might be to get an old preamp or receiver and use the tape loop to access the tuner output and then I might be able to find an old one with a phono preamp too. That would be adequate for listening to records too, which I do rarely. So, what do you all think? Thanks, Andy
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Try a Proton 440 tuner. I have one for sale. Please e-mail me with you questions.
Look for a used Onkyo "Integra" Tuner. Best Bang for your limited buck.
I have a carver TX 11 tuner available for $200. This is FM only and originally sold new for $700-800. It is a very good sounding unit and still very much in favor with those familiar with it.
I agree with the Onkyo comment above. You might also want to try looking for an old Luxman or Harmon Kardon (I have a Citation 25?...I think...and it's very good for the $150 or so it cost used).
All of the above suggestions are good. It really depends on where you intend to use it. Some tuners have better sensitivity and others better selectivity. Tuners are one of the few components where specs can help you make a better choice. Not that the specs will tell you how the tuner actually sounds but rather whether the tuner in question is a good candidate. Be wary, many tuners are poorly calibrated as they leave the assembly line. Older tuners may have had their calibrations drift. Analog tuners are less convient but easier to fine tune. In your price range used tuners from Denon (sensitivity), Luxman (selectivity) and Onkyo ( both) as well as others may be good choices. With tuners you need a bit of luck, it's like real estate, "location,location,location". Remember the antenna is equally important.
I just saw that there is a Magnum Dynalab T-11 for sale on the "new today" page (not mine) for sale. They don't make those anymore because there was scant profit & it was too hard to sell the more expensive 101's which sound about the same!I own three of these already!Run , don't walk, and buy it if you can possibly get your arms around $280 or so. Four presets too.