Need FLEXIBLE Power Cord .

I am in dire need of a power cord with flex for an sub. I have some good Shunyata, ZU, Audio Art and Acoustic Zen cord but only my ZU Mother has any flex and its length is needed for my amp .Only good place for GalloTR1 sub precludes a "stiffy " .
In 300-500 $  new or used range at most .
Does anyone know if  cheapest Shunyata   has any flex ?
Hello again, Schubert. I’d be making it up to claim a basis for recommending one over another. I have heard differences between ICs and speaker cable so I ain’t from the wire-is-wire school but not so sure I can hear differences between aftermarket cords. Not saying others can’t mind you, just that the earth didn’t move for me when I powered up with a new cord in place. The mix I’ve ended up with is based on opportunity, price, and length needed. Haven’t done any significant A/B testing with ’em. Just not that motivated about it, I guess.
@kinghifi- Never had a Mother II. Of course, cables are one of those things that are highly component dependent, when it comes to compatibility. It’s also said that they(PCs in general) can take much longer than other cables, to, "burn in" and sound their best. What you’ve described kinda sounds like what I’ve experienced, when first installing new components. I attribute that to(mostly) dielectric absorption(my best guess). How much time did you give it(just out of curiosity)?
@rodman99999  cable was broken in ...  I think it was defective
Just another of many variables to consider in this hobby.   Best we can do is research, experiment and hope for the positive.   Thinking about the plethora of possible electrical/electronic interactions and tastes in sound, it's kinda like cooking.