Need flexible , high quality HDMI cable suggestion

I am looking for some suggestions for a high quality, flexible HDMI cable.
On Amazon I found a brand Accell UltraAV that I am very happy with. Well made, VERY flexible, seems to show a nice picture with nice sound. I've not done any A/B comparisons for sound or picture, but I have had trouble using other HDMI cables that are not as flexible. and very inepensive to buy.
I 2nd the MonoPrice recommendation - you can get a very nice, flexible HDMI cable for less than $20...

I really like Firefold for their HDMI cables. I A/B'ed this cable with a $150 Monster Cable,(1000 series) HDMI cable and could see no diffrence. The Firefold cable is like 7 bucks! The link is below:
I use pccable, Looks good as any I've tried. Cheap prices, great selection.
Go Blue Jeans Cable. Belden cables made in the USA.