Need Feedback on Sistrum Platforms Rack

I need your feedback and experience with this product,if you
have any.Is this Equipment Rack a good buy or not and why.
Thank you for your input.
Do a search on the subject. There has been lots of recent discussion on their products, and lot's of Sistrum fans here. So I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. Good luck!
There are those who claim to be performance-oriented companies and then there are those who ARE performance-oriented companies.

Star Sound (mfg'er of the Sistrum racks, Audio Points(TM), and other products definitely fall into the latter category.

I have a pair of the larger SP-6 racks. Resolution in the system has increased- finer musical details easily noticeable now- you should also consider their Sonoran Plateau micro-bearing shielded IC's- excellent, and follow the same principle as the racks.
I use them under everything I own, and have gotten excellent results. A very good improvement and the technology is proven. It works and you can hear it. They have been evaluated by industrial vibration control standards and are an accepted method of handling unwanted vibration. Instead of de-coupling and isolating, they give a rapid evacuation of the vibrations to mechanical earth ground. I found them to be clearly better than rubber isolation or other soft-type isolators in my system. I think that they were worth the money for me.
I am very happy with the products I own. Check out my system on Audiogon to see for yourself.