Need feedback on Rega Mira 3 integrated amp

I listened to the Mira 3 with Rega R5 speakers the other day at a dealer and thought the combination sounded good for the money. I would not go with the R5 but will consider the Mira 3 mated to a smaller monitor for a second system in my house. It has an output of 69 watt (8 ohm) a side and I am concerned this may be a little lite. Any experience with the Mira 3 is appreciated.
It lacks a little dynamics and doesn't have much bass extension. But if you mate it with small monitors, neither of these will be problems. It will work just fine!

A Rega Mira 3 is the core of my secondary system connected to VonSchweikert VR1 monitors and a REL Strata sub. I consider it very dynamic with superb imaging and soundstaging. With that combination I have not even considered upgrading. In my 11'x13' room I do need to crank the Rega about 3/2 up on volume in order to get loud sound but there is no noticeable distortion at that level. Certainly the REL fills out the bass more than adequately.
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According to the Rega manual, you can make some kind of internal changes to adjust the gain. I guess the idea is to make sure that the volume control has a usable range over a variety of systems. At first reading I could not figure out how to make this adjustment though. Sigh.
The Mira is a pretty nice integrated and has a good phono stage for the price. Good build quality, but for the plastic volume knob. It's convenient to use. True the preamp gain is a bit low. It can be raised, just ask your dealer how to do it. Even then it does'nt seem to sound like 60 watts. I dont know if that was because of being conscious of where the dial was (usually well beyond half). Personally I dont hear large differences between class AB bipolar transistor integrated amps, just slight variations in voicing. All are capable of good, but not great performance. The Rega is no exception. It has very good performance all around but nothing that marks it out as exceptional. Definitely good enough for a second system, especially if that system needs phono.

Can you please tell me if the Rega Mira 3 could drive the Totem Model 1 well ? If I do not add a subwoofer, would the Rega Mira 3 be able to extract the most out of the Totem Model 1?

I have heard that the Rega Mira has quality control issues like the NAD C372. Is this true? I am moving to something other than the reliable yet discontinued award-winning NAD C352

What would be a decent choice, Rega (brand new), Sim Audio (used), or Plinius (used) for the Model 1? I am thinking of a budget that approximates $1K.

Greatly appreciate any input from all Rega owners/fans.
The Mira 3 has no QC issues that I'm aware of however it ain't enough for the Model One's. I have a Mira 3 in my main system driving Totem makes them sing however it is at the edge of it's ability with them...The one's deserve more. Naim pre/power would do the trick...however if you're like me that isn't possible.
I like the Rega Amps. Nice and polite and sound pretty good.