Need feedback on loudspeakers

Hello All,
I have been researching a lot about loudspeakers lately - their measurements including sensitivity, impedance, phase, etc to make sure that they match in my system. Also had a chance to listen to a couple, but yet undecided, since I am not able to listen to all of the ones I have shortlisted below. I have a very short list of criteria for the speakers:

Sensitivity more than 88db
Nominal impedance 8 ohms and minimum not dipping below 3.5 ohms
Go down to about 27-30Hz
Price range is about $7k new/used

The loudspeakers that I have short listed are:
Spendor D7
PSB Imagine T3
ProAc D30
PMC Twenty 24
Tannoy Definition DC10T
Revel F208
Focal 1038 (used)

Could also consider the following, but not sure if they would match in my system because of their nominal 4 ohms impedance:
Sonus Faber Olympica III (used)
ProAc D40R (used)
Audio Physic Scorpio 25 (used)
PMC Twenty 26 (used, but has low sensitivity)

I love speakers that have the sound image starting about 2-3 feet behind the speaker front face, throw a wide image and disappear completely. That is what my current speakers do. My room is 15 X 18 X 8 and the speakers are placed very precisely (5feet from back wall and 3 feet from side walls) to achieve this imaging. I have a few panels to tame the sound in the room. My amp is Parasound A21 and I have an excellent Promitheus TVC. Current sources are able to effectively drive the amp and the speakers, without any issues.
I have listened to PSB Imagine T3 and Audio Physic Classic 20, and found that they image per my liking.
I know I have listed too many speakers. But would love to hear from owners of these brands on the "vocal characteristic" of the loudspeakers, now that I have provided a brief explanation of my preferences. There is no denying that the best way to seek a set of speakers is to audition in person. But sometimes this is not possible. Please provide your feedback, as much as you can. Thank You in advance!

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Any feedbacks from Revel/Audio Physic/PMC owners?

Give serious consideration to the Revel F208's.  Great sounding speaker I think will be hard to beat in that price bracket.  Beautiful cabinets as well.  Plus, you already have a great amp to drive them.  The A21 is known to be a great match to the Revels.  The Parasound has very high current which Revels are known to like.