Need feedback for 6k budget

Have a room 20x15... Need help with receiver and speakers for 6k
It has been said that get the best center channel you can afford.... i read this in a few places but until recently i did not give it much weight....

the most important part in a home theater is the center! so focus on that one as your best speaker.

without getting into brands and all look into good used speakers you will get a better value for a higher end used speaker than a new one.. almost always.

electronics... i do not know what you are looking for in that area... Hdmi? 3d? you need to be more specific about your needs for that. depending on your speakers you could be getting a "receiver" that will he waste of money because it cannot drive the speakers and make them sound awful.

for example... i run a pioneer elite receiver...which is no slouch in the amp department. it worked great for my b&w book shelf speakers but it sounded like crap when i upgraded to the b&w 804S speakers... so i had to go with a separate amp type system...

effecentcy of a speaker is important.. look for something in the 90's.

without more information that is the only general guide lines i can give.

What ever brand and series of speakers you get keep the front 3..left center and right... the same brand and series.
Where do you live? Can you contact me directly at 914-438-4988?
There are a couple of speaker companys that go unoticed by the Agon members because they are not marketed as High End. They seem to be able to make 5.1 and 7.1 etrc systems for a lot less than we are used to seeing on this site. I can't recommend any of them having never heard them.
I strongly agree with Baranowski that you will get a much better value if you buy used. The problem is shipping where some of the better speakers are crated not just boxed and are a PITA to move around. So the second recommendation is to buy local if you possibly can . I know that there are virtual "audio deserts" around the country, If shipping is requiered then calculate frieght into your costs.
Not too much to go on here, but considering the quality of speakers you might get for that price range I'd probably start with a good used pre/pro (i.e. Anthem) and used 5-channel amp since they tend to either work or not, and buy the speakers new unless they're local so I could see/hear them first. When you spend a few grand or so on speakers I think they deserve better than a receiver, especially if music is at all a consideration. I agree with above post that center channel speaker is most critical (probably followed by subwoofer by the way), and for that money you should have many good options. Personally, I'd target spending about $3k on the used amp/pre combo and the rest on the best speakers and sub I could find. Happy hunting and best of luck.
I'd suggest going inexpensive on the receiver (but do get room correction) and bias money to the fronts. nice if the center matches (may not notice if you dont match, I can tell but forget as soon as the movie starts) and save on the rears. my thought is the receiver will or may be obsolete in a few years. also if you get serious and get fancy with a 2 ch system or processor and seperate amp(s) it will be extraneous. good fronts now will be good fronts in 10 years. looking above you can see there's plenty of options or approaches to this problem. Nice sub makes a big difference in movies (more than all but the fronts in my opinion) but you can easy drop a big portion of your money there. you could go cheapest receiver that has correction and a good amp driving things so you are a bit future proof.
so far I've acquired in my hunt

front B&W 804...2600.00
rear B&W cdm-7nt 699.00
center B&W htm2 500.00
emotiva xpa-2 799.....719 with the code

i had a denon 5803...thinking about upgrading to get the hdmi benefits
(would like to hear feedback about that)

sharp 80" led 3d
my budget has been raised a