Need Dunlavy repair

Just damaged 10" bass driver on Dunlavy IVa. Needs new rubber surround, cone OK. Any suggestions? Thanks!
Millersound +1.

Give him (Bill LeGall) a call first, then remove the driver and send it to him. You won't be disappointed!

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-- Al
I may have one of them in stock, I think John used the M26WR-09-08 or may be the PL version pull it out and read the Vifa sticker on the magnet.

Best of luck

The ten inch woofer used on the Dunlavy 1VA speakers was the Scanspeak 25W/8565-00 woofer.
Its a great paper cone woofer.
Just google, 25W/8565-00 Dunlavy 1VA woofer.

Here's a link to the Scanspeak woofer on Madisound.
Yes indeed Kudos to Madisound-- they are great to deal with

10 out 10 is damn hard to rate in the Audio wasteland.

Good Blokes

I third Miller Sound. Several years ago, Bill Legall put new surrounds on
four bass drivers from a pair of Duntech Princess speakers. He did a wonderful job and the speakers have sounded great to this day. Bill Legall is one of the best and a great person to deal with.
I'm thinking get the speaker repaired AND buy a spare for the future. Thanks for your responses!