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Connecting an integrated amp to a power amp and EQ :

I have an old Pioneer SA-600 integrated amp (19 wpc) and want to hook up a power amp and an EQ. The Pioneer has main and pre jacks plus a switch that says: Separated / intercoupled. The power amp is 65 wpc and has only input jacks and connections for speakers. How should I connect these two components to the SA-600 ? I guess you could call this a poor man's attempt at high end. I would greatly appreciate some advice ... Thanks
Without knowing your gear I would say that "separated" on the Pioneer means that its preamp section is separated from its amp section. So switch to Separated, hook up an interconnect cable to the Pre-jacks output of the Pioneer and go to the input jacks of your power amp. About the equalizer I wouldn't know. Theoretically you would need another pair of ICs and go from the output jacks of your now separated Pioneer into the input jacks of the equalizer and from there with the other IC from the equalizer's output jacks to the in input jacks of your amp.
Again, however, I don't know your gear, so this is only theory. However, it would be a typical setup.
Have fun and happy listening,
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