Need DCX2496 Presets for Emerald Physics CS2

I bought a pair of Emerald Physics CS2 speakers with the DCX2496 DSP on the used market not too long ago. This is my first step into finally investing in better hi-fi gear. I finally got the DCX to work after some tinkering and have been really enjoying CS2s for a number of months now.

This past weekend we had a power outage in our neighborhood and the DCX was powered on at the time. I sat down to listen the next day and discovered that two output channels for the low range stopped working. I’m not sure if the power outage is the cause, but it’s a suspect. I have learned after some searching online that these DCX2496 units don’t rank high for reliability.

Anyway, in the process of trying to troubleshoot what is wrong I decided to factory reset the DCX.  For some reason I thought the Emerald Physics presets for the CS2 would not be affected by this.  Alas — I was wrong! Shoot. Now I have a DCX with a couple bad outputs AND missing presets. 
I’m fairly comfortable with troubleshooting and repairing electronics, but I have no idea how to recover the presets which were custom designed for the CS2s.  Is there any resource out there where I can find these presets in order to manually reload them into my DCX2496?  (Any CS2 owners out there who would be willing to write down the settings for the presets?). Did I just unintentionally render my speakers useless?

I would appreciate any help.
A friend bought a CS2 pair, a few years back.       The Behringer unit wasn’t included.     He bought a miniDSP and programmed it to cross to the horn at 1000Hz / 8th order Butterworth (48 dB/oct), as they were intended, from EP.      The output levels: adjusted for any amplifier disparities, of course.        An upgraded power supply made quite the noticeable improvement in overall sound quality.
rodman99999 -- That's an interesting idea. Something like this did cross my mind since I was already getting frustrated with the DCX2496's poor analog output stage and its 24-bit/96 kHz limit. (I have some digital sources which exceed this bitrate.) I was fearful, however, that I wouldn't be able to the get DSP recipe sorted out correctly. I'm not sure how much "secret sauce" is embedded in those original presets. If your friend had positive results, then perhaps I should be open to that also.

tweak1 -- Ah...  You must mean Water over at Underwood Hifi? You're absolutely right. I suppose I was assuming that the CS2s were old enough that they wouldn't be supported any longer. There's no harm in reaching out to him. Thanks for the suggestion.
Update -- I just got off the phone with Water over at Underwood. Not surprisingly, the CS2 and its original DCX2496 are not supported at all anymore. He mentioned some kind of new amp/dsp product in the works, but it's not available yet. In the meantime, he recommended that I take a look at the DBX DriveRack VENU360 or one of the MiniDSP products.  Something with room correction capabilities sounds like a key feature to handle the custom EQing.

I've just started to look at the product pages for these units. Aside from this old and broken DCX2496 that I have now, I have very little experience with DSP/Crossovers and room correction. In addition to the DBX and MiniDSP offerings, are there any other manufacturers/models which I should compare to? I would like to find something with decent audio quality which isn't exorbitantly expensive. (If possible)  Any suggestions beyond the MiniDSP which rodman99999 already pointed to?
I’ve been using the DCX 2496 for a long time. They are very reliable Two of mine are over 15 years old.

Mine are used for BASS management only. The mids and highs are a very well designed passive XO. I used teflons in my builds at the time to match some other speakers I was also using..

The 2496 is just not good enough for mids and highs.. There is a company that will upgrade the whole mess for about 1-1200.00 At least they use to for the VMPS speakers and a few others..

they are daisy chainable, laptop access for the whole chain, full blown DSP, threshold limiters, and OTF correctiom.. The also have summation and a MIC tap for correction..

For 300hz and down.. you can’t find a more affordable or flexible product.. Add amps and speakers.. BIG BOOM BOOM.. 6 channels, 6 serious subs that are direct coupled to the amps... No direct coupling.. NO DAMPENING... Lots of folks don’t know that. If you put a passive XO after the power amp, no dampening..

I think First Watt might have an active crossover, other than for OB with a step option..

A GREAT Active XO can be spendy.. 2-5K sure nice though..

Actually the best way to divide the work, pre amp not post power amp..

rodman99999 - I’ve decided to give the Minidsp 2x4HD a try.  Do you happen to remember what kind of upgraded power supply your friend used?