Need DAC that can....

I am currently looking for a DAC for my second system. I have a PS Directstream w/Bridge II on my main system. For my second system I am looking to be a little more thrifty.

I use a NAS storage and JRiver to stream via wired network so, the DAC will need to be networkable as an input as well as balanced and unbalanced. Everything that I have put on the server in flac uncompressed.

Any other inputs are fine but the main purpose is to get it onto the network. I have used wireless (bluetooth/propiarity wireless) DACs and have been underwhelmed by their performance.

Looking for suggestions and ballpark $$ (bonus time is upon us)
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PS Audio NuWave DSD does not seem to have an ethernet connection, checked. Used route is under consideration, but they are far and few... Would have thought by this point there would be a larger number of DAC's that would be able to be networked
Maybe PS Audio NuWave DSD DAC? Uses trickle-down technology from Directstream. 60 day trial from Music Direct, $1299.
Or a used Perfectwave DAC.