Need DAC/Streaming Advice

I currently own a Bryston BDP-2 digital player that I run through a Bryston DAC.  As far as playing high resolution files via a thumb drive or other external drive, the BDP-2 sounds great.  The streaming part leaves a lot to be desired.  I can stream Tidal but it is extremely slow and the IPad controller is pretty lousy.  I can listen to Sonos through the DAC into my main system but obviously there is no hi-Rez via Sonos. I would like to find a better solution and am willing to start over (I can move the Bryston components to my secondary system).  What I would like to find is a higher end streamer for my main system that would allow me to stream Tidal, Spotify and Deezer if possible while also playing digital files via thumb drive etc. I have no idea if that can be done in a one box solution or if I would need a separate streamer and DAC.  I would very much appreciate any and all thoughts.  Thanks in advance.
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I'm using a Mac Mini plus a USB DAC. I found the last Mini version with a DVD drive in it for $200. HiRes Downloads from tidal take 3 seconds.
I loved the sound of the Bluesound system but I found the app and the controls to be so clunky, they kept freezing up and locking with the music on so you would have to reboot the ipad.  It was so bad I returned it.  That was in June, I've heard there are updates that could have made this better but give it a try.   
You’re very good with an investment in Bluesound. Reliable and nice app. Bought a cheap iEast streamer recently. Don’t know how it works yet. Auralic mini another example. You can input a harddrive with your own files. Don’t know their app. Oppo Sonica, Simaudio Moon, naim... Lot’s of competition today. Not necessary to pay big money for just the streaming. Maybe for other special functionality you like to have. Most often the apps are the problem. Especially careful with "non-entry level" brands.
Just installed Bluesound node2i and have not been impressed when comparing the sound to CD.
Have only had in system for 2weeks but from my iPad with Tidal so far no issues of locking or freezing.

Should my Yamaha 8801 integrated internalDAC improve  the sound quality?