need DAC and Transport or good CD player

I am new to the home audio game. I have done lots of Highend car audio so now I just taking the natural progression. I was wondering what is a good cd player to start with? Or should I do a transport and DAC? I dont want to spend more than $1500. As I know that I will eventually upgrade. What would you guys recommend. My amp is a Electrocompaniet ECl, with Dyn 52SE's monitors.
A matching Electrocompaniet cdplayer would probably work just fine.I would stick with a stand alone player at your budget,but that's just me.Good luck with your search.
cambridge 840 also very very good + has digital input to use as a dac with another devise
Get Benchmark DAC1 ($995)and cheap DVD player or connect it to server (computer). I have both plus HDTV (it has three digital inputs). Benchmark has free 30 day evaluation program (at least had). I would avoid used ones unless you know revision. Early once were less than perfect.

The only difference between expensive transport and cheap DVD is jitter that Benchmark rejects. DVD players are cheap (mine is $70 Sony) to buy and replace, have great tracking and play MP3s. Any digital cable or Toslink will do.

Benchmark is one of the better DACs available but is not designed for warm sound. It is very neutral, clean and transparent but if your system is on the bright side avoid it.
I like the Channel Islands Audio VDA*2 DAC. Couple that with an inexpensive Blu-Ray or DVD player. With your budget you can even get a nice SPDIF cable.
Museatex Bitstream DAC is the best DAC value period. I copmpared it to many DACs over 12 a few years back and have compared it to a bunch of new ones. It still holds it own especially for the used prices it goes for.
Thanks for the info guys. Any other ones I should look at?
Whatever you do, I'd make sure I got something that is implementable in a computer audio set up. Even if you don't now, you may very well eventually find that you want the convenience and the access to hi rez files. (I didn't follow my own advice: I bought a pretty expensive CDP [a heavily modded Musical Fidelity A5] that did not allow this implementation, and almost immediately decided that computer front end was the way to go for me. Fortunately, I got a decent trade in, and am now very happily computer based.)

On particular units, although you don't hear so much about them here, a friend gets pretty nice sound from a Lavry DAC (about 1k new). Might be one to consider, for a good price used.

At your pirce point, I would second using the Benchmark DAC as part of my digital front end. It also can be used as a preamp is virtually (relatively) future-proof.