Need DAC Advice

I'm looking for a not too vintage high performer. These are my current options, open to suggestion. Tks.

1.EAD DSP7000 SerIII.
2.Parasound 2000 Ultra.
3.PS Audio Ultralink
4.Theta GenV.

Can someone who heard any of these tell me something more about them? Tks.
I'll rate them in the order that I found that each performed.
1. Theta Gen V (Try to get the Va version with Balanced outputs - aka fully balanced)
2. EAD DSP7000 Ser III (mods available or for a little more get a EAD Ovation or EAD Signature and use that as a preamp also, this saves you an interconnect and the EAD Signature is an insanely transparent and musical unit)

Don't bother with the Parasound 2000 Ultra as it's not in the same league as the ones above.
Don't even bother with the PS Audio Ultralink (there are so many better units now for less)

If you are a Bass head the Theta will be more immediate, the EAD will be more tubelike warmth.
Thanks Cytocycle, shall check out the Ovation and Signature. I used the Monarchy 33 before which also a DAC/Pre but didn't really match well with my then Rogue M120 tube amp(but worked pretty fine with Plinius SA100 MKII). I sold it then went for a MSB and a Audible Illusion pre, got sick of MSB and later sold both the Pre/Power now only settle for a simple ASL AQ1001 KT88 integrated. GenV sounds like a good choice.
check out the older audio research units. i purchased an audio research dac2 unit and imo, thought it was better than the theta.
Rbstenho, Which model of Theta and in what way better? Tks.
I never listened to a Theta dac,however I double the ARC recommendation.I own a DAC-3 tubed and it is very musical,I was told to install NOS Siemens or Telefunken's for further improvement but even with stock ARC tubes it is very good sounding.
Best of luck
the theta model was the generation series v from the late 90's. it was very nice but i prefer the sound of the audio research. it is all about personal preference. i could have easily lived with the theta in my setup. i also auditioned a brand new (a couple of year old model) manley junior dac for a few months. there was a lot of popping and clicking when the cd player started reading a new disc. very annoying. i preferred the sound of the audio research.