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I need advise on DA converter. I just brought Proceed CDP 3. My friend told me to buy DA converter. I do not know much about DA converter from digital to analog. Any explaination and advise to buy DA converter. My system has ML 23 and 28 and Wilson audio 3.2. Their sounds are great and I do not know what to say about. I also used sony sacd 555es for sacd but sound is bright and not much bass. Any idea is for sacd.
For Red Book CD nothing I've heard at three times its price, or even more, can beat the Apogee Electronics DA1000-E reference 20 bit converter that's listed here at $400. Make sure you get the power supply and DB-15 connector cable with it. You may also need custom cables, since this DAC has BNC in and balanced outs.
The only option for SACD output is a filter of some kind that was sold by the cable company. I have never tried it but it was selling for around $500 and they offer a money back trial period.

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Thanks for your response. Somehow I need information on DA converter. Why should we use them? Does it make better for transporter? In addition, any suggestion on SACD sound. I do not like at all the sound of sacd 555ES on my system since it makes sound bright and no much bass at all. Only the voice of singer is clear and bright. After I hooked up with Proceed CDP 3, the sound is not clear but more bass. If I have DA converter, the sound of Proceed will be bettter, my friend told me that. I do not know that will be my solution. If it is my best solution, I will buy the proceed converter. I also have another choice, I should buy Sony XA7ES. Please advise my choice: DA converter or sony xa7es. Also the SACD sound.
Oooh, it seems to me you need a lot of information. I'll try to deliver the basics. The transport reads the digital signal off the disc. This signal is in the form of numbers. ( The numbers happen to be in binary format because we have no better way of encoding them at the moment. )

The converter understands what the numbers mean in terms of music. It converts them ( as you would expect from the name ) into an electrical wave form which resembles the original acoustic wave form of the music. This can be amplified and sent to speakers. A digital signal, without conversion, would sound horrible.

In other words, with a transport but without a converter, you have information but no music. Your present CDP3 has a converter in it but not all converters do the job equally well, and apparently the CDP3's performance can be beaten by an outboard unit. ( You would connect the CDP3's digital output to the new converter's input. )

That you should bypass your transport's internal converter and send the digital signal to an external unit is not an uncommon phenomenon. For example, Linn's Karik transport had an internal DAC of basic quality. You bought the Karik first, then added the external Numerik DAC as an upgrade.

I can't tell you if you should get into SACD at the moment. My own choice is negative, but I already have a good high resolution source in the form of a vinyl playback system. If I did not have this, I would be planning on adding SACD capability eventually.

I haven't heard the Proceed converter. I have an Apogee DA-1000E.