Need cool running integrated under $1500 new/used

I have a second system with a old pair of B&W 803 series2, and I need a cool running integrated that can power these (maybe 75wpc and up?). I want to be able to leave the amp on 24/7. I currently have a Cambridge 850 that sounds great but gets very hot. So, going to replace the Cambridge, but with what? I would prefer an integrated with two speaker outputs (A+B and A or B), but open to all suggestions. Thanks much...
The Anthem 225 Integrated. 225 watts RMS per side. Has built-in phono stage. Weighs 43 pounds. Killer unit for $1500.00
I had the 802's. They sound very similar to your 803's.If you are already listening to them with the Cambridge and don't have any issues with the tweeter, I would recommend a class D integrated. They run very cool. The preamp section usually runs hotter than the amp section. If you could get a good deal on a used PS Audio, that would probably work well. Also, I think the newer Rotel integrateds are class D. That should be good as well, given that they are the same company.
You need to check out the Exposure 2010S2. Runs cool as a cucumber and has two sets of binding post for biwiring. Oh and sounds just fantastic! One word of caution though, it accepts bananas only.
Maybe Bel Canto or Wyred 4 Sound.