Need component recommendations for 1,000 system?

I want to put together a system for around $1,000. It will be in a 13x16x7.5 room. I listen to all types of music. I need it to be a DVD based system. Right now for the heart of the system I'm looking at a Sony DVD player that has SACD capability that I can pick up for $250. So I need recommendations for the amplification, speakers, interconnects and speaker wires. I know it's a tall order for $750 but I just wanted to know if quality audio can be had in this price range. Thanks for your help.
Are you trying to have HT/Surround possibilities ("DVD based)?? If so, then consider an Outlaw HT Receiver. If not, then look for an integrated amp like the Creek 4330, or ones by Cambridge Audio, NAD, or Rotel.

B&W DM302 or DM303 speakers would fit nicely in a system at this price.

For interconnects, maybe Nordost Solar Wind, Kimber PBJ, Zu Cable Oxyfuel..

Speaker cables something like Audioquest Type 4, or even better the current deals on the old model Audioquest Slate at (selling new for about 35% of list price).
I agree that a B&W 303 would be a good speaker choice. Also a used Creek 4330 would be excellent. I would suggest paradigm studio 20 v.1 used or a pair of mini monitors new for about 300 a pair. I would personally buy the best I could afford with equipment, and then upgrade wire as the money could be applied...
First of all I would buy used no matter what. There are great deals to be had and incomparable value to boot. I have had awesome experiences with these classifieds and with ebay for everything I own (except for my Paradigm Reference 100.2s which I bought new). I would ditto the Creek 4330 and the studio 20s. I had Kimber PBJs and they cannot hold a candle to the MITs I now have but then again they are not the same price. By buying used you can get 100% more for your money - I did. Arthur
OK I expect someone to disagree with me but here goes…
Magnepan MMG: I got mine for $377, I’ve seen them for just under $350 on ebay.
Rotel/NAD/Adcom integrated or separates. ~$300. I would get as much amp as possible.
Interconects: I don’t know, I built my own.
Speaker Cables: Romex 12 gauge solid core

This may sound like a strange suggestion but I had a pair of MMGs that are now with my brother. They are incredible for voices (see my review). Really good speakers. Your room may not be big enough but if you can make them work, nothing under $(some big number here) will do voices as well. To bad the 1.6’s are 6 feet tall… but I degrees… These speakers do like current but they are not hard on amps thus you could look at low cost 4 ohm capable amps like some Rotel and NAD models. A Rotel 981 at 130wpc should have plenty of power. (There is one listed for $300 right now) Pair it up with a low cost pre-amp or a DVD player with volume control (not uncommon) and you wouldn’t need a pre-amp. If you need a preamp there is a Rotel 60wpc integrated on Audio gone right now. My brother is using a 55 wpc (110 wpc 4 ohms) with a pair of MMGs so 60wpc should be OK for lower volume listening.
As for cables… I did not hear big differences between wires with my MMGs. You can read the marketing hype about Maggie’s restive load blah blah blah. The same wires that made worlds of difference with my NHT’s made no difference with my MMGs. As for the interconnects, if you can solder visit If not, I’m not sure.

This is a system that should sound open and great with vocals. I would change my recommendations if you want booming bass.

Note to those who disagree… please be nice :)
The only comment I have about Nikki's response is to agree with the MMG's wanting current. I own the MMG's right now. I'm not thrilled with them however. I'm feeding them about 90 watts at 4 ohms and it just doesn't bring the speakers to life I don't think. Unless you can feed them tons of power, I would stay away from them personally. They also need to be pulled WAY out into the room to have a good soundstage and imaging. But if you want a transparent sound, by all means, jump on the maggies. You'll like them from that aspect.
Greetings "Makersmark",

This is a challenge, but a fun one though! Let's see what we can come up with right here on AudiogoN (well, besides your CD/DVD/SACD player, almost everything).

Okay, so you already have your sights on an CD/DVD/SACD player. I will take a guess and say that it is the Sony DVP-NS755V | Black Single Disc Progressive Scan DVD/SACD | Save $50! Was $299.99, Now: $249.99 | Plus, get $50 toward Crutchfield gear! | Single-disc player • progressive-scan video output • 108MHz/12-bit video DAC • Precision Cinema Progressive de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing • built-in Dolby Digital/DTS decoder • plays CD-Rs, CD-RWS, Super Audio CDs. From Crutchfield, right?

Now that that's out of the way, let's see what we can find for the rest of your system...

POWER AMP OPTION #1 - Audio Source AMP-2
POWER AMP OPTION #2 - Adcom 535 Mk II

LOUDSPEAKERS - JMlab Chorus 706
Make sure that the amplifier you choose is compatible with the MMGs.
SPKR OPTION - Paradigm Monitor 9
POSSIBLE OPT - Tyler Acoustics TRM

SPEAKER CABLES - D.H. Labs Silver Sonic T-14
Even costs less non-terminated.

INTERCONNECTS - D.H. Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 Series II

ACCESSORY OPTION - Audience Auric Illuminator

I hope you're having as much fun as I've had helping you put together a $1,000 system!

H a p p y s h o p p i n g !

Best regards,


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B&W 303's ($300)are good but I would suggest at least comparing them to the B&W 601 series 3 ($450) and decide if the improvment is worth the money.
I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughtful recommendations. You've really given me a great deal to think about. I especially want to thank Donald at W Enterprises Northwest for all the work he put into his recommmendation. Anyone looking for a good dealer couldn't go wrong with Donald. I would also like to thank Celestial Audio for e-mailing me with a very generous offer. Another great dealer. I'll be sure to let everyone know what I decide.
Maybe a good thread to start would be for everybody to tell about their good experience with a dealer. After my experience here with two great guys I'm sure others have had similar experiences. Thanks again.
Go NAD amps and used infinity speakers , with samsung or sony any japan stuff , I lived with it for 6 yrs. but Im A musicion, (violin)
set of Klipsch speakers in box for sale....all five (front, center, right, surrounds)...these babies only need 30 really good watts to bring the roof down..great value
Here's a real low cost system. Speakers: order from Parts Express and build your own from Kits. Power: NAD. DVD: whatever but get a Scott Nixon DAC. Interconnects: Radio Shack,catch your breath, yes, Radio Shack. Speaker Cable: Monster. Get a Tripp Lite Line conditioner. Spend any leftover money on Music.
Remember, it's the Music, not the machine, that's important.