Need complete stereo help starting with preamp

I recently bought a Rega P3 planning on upgrading my whole conventional JVC system and don't know where to start. I am limited on space for speakers although am trying to fill a fairly large room with sound. I am planning on purchasing either some 601 B&Ws or something a little larger and do not have much understanding of amps/preamps. Do I need to buy a phono preamp and a preamp to go along with whatever amp I choose or is that neccesary? Would I be better off buying an integrated amp/preamp? I would like to spend under $1000 on my amp/preamp combo to get me started. What would you guys reccomend in that price range? (it does not neccesarily have ot be new equipment) Thanks in Advance!

At that price range, you are looking at an integrated, IMO with a built in phono stage.
My vote is for a musical fidelity A3. That's what I'm currently using. It has a decent phono stage. Ironically, I'm using it to run some B&W 601 s3. I've tried numerous integrateds in this price range and think this is the best one I've tried.
For a tubed unit check out the Audio Note SORO; it comes in phono or linestage versions. Very powerful for the rated 17 watts and great sounding, too. Not sure of the specs on your speakers. If the rated sensitivity is less than 88db and the resistance is less than 8 ohms it may not be the best match.

Audiomat Prelude/Arpege can be had for just over a grand at about 1200 and it is a superior unit. It has a linestage only, though. So, if you need a phono input you'd have to acquire a dedicated phono unit. They start at around 100 and go up into the 1000s.
I agree an integrated amp is the way to go for simplicity and value. Over the last few years there have been a few integrateds in my system. The Audio Refinement Complete is a beautiful sounding amp but has no phono section. I am now using a Roksan Kandy III and couldn't be happier. It sounds terrific, is ruggedly built and has a nice phono preamp. Prior to those amps I had a Sony TA-F707ES. You can pick those up used. They are built to last forever, loaded with features and sound quite nice in direct mode.
The point is there are a number of fine integrated amps on the market in your price range. Decide what's important to you sound and feature wise, do some research, and enjoy the hunt. Good luck.
Hmmm- How about the Audio Refinement Complete (I've had one, it is a very nice, neutral unit) and a Lehman Black Cube with the upgraded power supply. Should be able to stay under $1k used.
For $1200 and some very cautious and patient shopping on the used market, you can have a preamp / power amp that is staggeringly good for the money invested. If you are in a hurry and want to do this now while the cash is still in your pocket, you'll have to go with what you can find that will suit your needs. If you want to buy new, you'll end up with an integrated. If buying used here on Agon, you can do either one and end up with very nice sounds. Sean
Much appreciated fellas. Now I feel like there's some sort of direction. I'll do a little research and let you know how it all shakes out.

Pros & Cons of tube and solid state integrated?

Thanks again, Andy
Depends on tastes mostly Andy, my impression is that a tubed integrated will give you a sense of more musicality and roundness to music reproduction, a solid state one will place more dynamics and bass extension (being musical as well if you go for the Naim route for example)

Consider your musical tastes as well as speaker-room variable into the equation.

I recommend listening to the Creek 5350 SE integrated. I bought it from music direct online (great service, by the way). It is wonderful: dead quiet, an honest 85 W/ch, has record outs, you can separate the pre-amp from the amp for future upgrades, small footprint. Online price is $1349, they may negotiate. Good luck!