Need company to crate and ship speakers NYC area

I am looking for a company that can p/u a pair of very large speakers from a residence, pack and crate in original containers, and ship and insure in NYC area. Anyone have any recommendations?
Try ( Website appears to be just what you need. They claim they'll pick up, pack, crate, and ship even the most delicate of merchandise.

Tristate Crating & Pallet Co
Jersey City, NJ
I used Tristate to pack and ship a pair of speakers from NJ to CA, the speakers were 175 pounds each. They did a very nice job, actually picked them up from my home about 50 miles from their facility. They took extreme care for the 50 mile journey to their factility. I don't think I could have done it better myself. The speakers went to CA for repair, and then were shipped back to me in the same crates. All done flawlessly.