Need compact end of life audio system to shoehorn into a corner of a compact living space

My thinking is a MacMini as the volume pre control into a DAC running off iTunes ALAC out to an amp, possiblly an XA30.8 into speakers and possibly subwoofer to fill out the bottom. that can move some air with warmth over accuracy more 70's stereo than 2112 accuracy using Kimber 8TC.

What DAC, amp and speaker options are there to consider beyond noted xa30 that will burn less power and not require retubing each year and non paper cones to last a generation.  Alexia/Sasha are likely too large and sizzling so O93/96 are more the flavor with an 8' listening wall and 10'ish to main listening point in a very compact 9' tall room. 10' open space behind, 10' left with glass wall immediately right of listening area that likely will little to no treatment other than see through roller blind or heavy drapery at best.

That "end of life" phrase is really disturbing! I myself am of an age to which the phrase can (and is) used appropriately, and I don't like hearing it ;-) .
No reason to stop listening just because you pass. Catacombo systems available for caskets with option for random play or playlist. 
What, I wonder, would you audition such a system with?
Thriller? Or anything by the Zombies?