Need comments on the Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Tuner

In the current issue of The Absolute Sound Magazine, they said good things about the Magnum Dynalab MD-90 FM Stereo Tuner. What are your comments regarding the MD-90? Is the tube output section option worth the extra $500? I am also looking at a used McIntosh MR510 FM Tuner and the MR77. My tuner budget is under $1,000 and I need FM only. Thanks..
The MD tuners are beautiful tuners and I don't doubt you would enjoy it, but for $1000 I suspect you could buy a vintage tuner for a third the price, or less, and outperform the MD. Furthermore you could have the vintage tuner sent off to be modded and have an incredible tuner, still far under 1k.
MD tuners are great if you have too many stations/too much interference or too much distance. They tune like no others. Don't pay for the tube upgrade until you own the unit and have played for a while. You may not need/want to go there.
I also read the review in The Absolute Sound and am interested in MD-90, which is their entry level tuner. I'm wondering if is worth the extra cost to buy one of their more expensive models. Any feedback? Thanks.
Selecting a FM tuner is very complex and everyone you talk to has a different opinion. Please see for even more suggestions. I researched tuners for several months and people told me the Magnum Dynalab MD-102 was better than the MD-90. However, I did not want to pay $2,000+ for the MD-102. The vintage tuners were highly recommended but I could not find one in an acceptable condition (to me). I finally purchased the Meridian 504 FM tuner for $600 that included a 2 year warranty from Meridian. While it does not have all the control features, it sounds excellent to my ears. I am using the Fanfare FM-2G whip antenna. I hope this helps. cheers..
Did you get a chance to audition the Meridian 504 against the MD-90 or even the MD-100?
I'd be interested in your opinion.

Thanks in adavance...