need comments on my system

-1 pair of Martin Logan CLS panels and Velodyne DD15 subwoofer - both connected directly from preamp
-Counterpoint SA5000 preamp
-Counterpoint SA220 power amp(220WPC)and NPS400 amp(which is quieter but less dynamic)
-Counterpoint DA10/DA11 DAC and transport
-Harmonic Tech, AudioQuest intercables
-AudioQuest spkr cables

What area can I improve? Any comments are welcome
You might consider some room treatments. Room Lenses could make a big differnce along with damping the reflection points if you haven't done this yet. I also like to LRNRD bass traps by Auralex. They will easily improve the quality of your bass and dynamics.

Don't take this wrong, but you've started with what are considered to be possibly the best ML speakers ever made and pushed them with less than very best stuff. In another life I sold Counterpoint. Maybe they have changed, but really the sound was too bright for ML. VTL will bring these around much better. You will need lots of power.

Cannot comment on the transport/DAC. Harmonic Tech is decent, Audioquest overrated. Audioquest speaker cables at lower end are decent, but very overpriced toward top end.

May I suggest LAT International speaker wire (trashed by Oval 9s) and LAT power cords. I've a friend running the CLSs with this combination and it took the glare off of the Logans instantly.

Straight Wire and LAT do nice cable and I'm really tempted to get the new Signal Cable silver. Real potential here. Hope this helps.
Agree with Celtic66 re: Counterpoint gear. Bright sounding to my ears too.
a\great system
Counterpoint too bright? I have a pair of SA220s upgraded to NP220s that are anything but bright. The best amps i've had in my system and i've had more than my share. Maybe upgrading the NP220s will help? Or try rolling tubes.
I agree with the amp comments based on a couple Counterpoints I heard a number of years ago. Those MLs are tough to tame and I think VTLs would be a good way to go. However, you also may want to check into a passive "pre-amp" just for fun - to see if it will work with your stuff. Also, I'd check into one of the better newer DACs (Bel Canto, Perp Tech WrightModed) unless the Counterpoint is of recent vintage, but haven't they been gone for some years? Advances in DAC technology and music making has come a long way in the last 5 years.
I had some thoughts of trying new amps like Jeff Rowland, Pass Labs, or even McIntosh rather than NP220 upgrade(although it has its own merits). The CLS is very sensitive in all sound reproduction - even changing one component in the system.

Anyone tried the above mentioned amps?

Thanks to all responses.
How do you like the DD-15? I am amazed with the sound.
The programming is great.


I put bybee devices in the signal path to the stators in my CLS IIz's and this led to significant improvement. If you want further details, drop me an email at Recently, another audiogoner performed the same tweak with great results.
This is a difficult question to answer without knowing you, and your tastes.

What is it about your system that is not satisfying? Are you looking to improve a certain aspect of the sound or system?

Opinions are as worthless as the cyberspace on which they are printed! But here goes; I have owned Counterpoint gear and was really not very impressed or satisfied. I went to SS and liked the sound much more, but that doesn't mean you would have the same results.

I still maintain that after the room, the source is the most important link in the chain. If you are truly unhappy, start there and replace your transport and DAC. That's just one option. I don't know that any of the Counterpoint (don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to insult your gear) would be considered state-of-the-art. There are lots of things that can be done, but again, what do you want to expereince as an end result?
Try a Tact RCS 2.0 Room Correction/pre amp.

I've just installed one in my system and it is starting to prove itself as a very worthwhile upgrade. There is a learning curve to go through, and you will need access to a PC with a spare serial port.
There is nothing too technical to learn, you just basically go through a period of trial and error until you end up with the right tonal balance for your ears.
I'm amazed that more people are not using this piece of equipment and raving about it.
Let me know if you need more info.
DD15 is quite good. I placed it on the left front corner next to the Left-CLS in 45 degree angle. This overall covers my listening area. I had the HGS-12" Velo before for its tighter bass. But, this DD15's bass performance is not any less-tighter than the 12. Actually it works better for my taste. It's deeper and bigger bass and still tight and fast. The built-in 1200watt amp can fill the room with no sweat.

Its effect is almost as good as having main tower speakers with dual 12" front-firing woofers per side.

I programmed the crossover EQ in a decreasing curve around 70 Hz. List at $3,000 - I may get another one to place them on both side, and I would need a bigger room about 20x30'.