need comment for chimera labs rca cables

anyone ever try chimera labs rca cables?how is the sound?and how if compare with more expensive cables such kimber select or etc

they are very good
i have a pair. i haven't advertised it but i will put it up for sale, at a fair price. it has been "broken in" but i think there are issues.
I bought a set of the XLR cables and find they are quite neutral. I've never heard the Kimber Select but have compared the Chimera to cables costing from $100 to $2000. They hold their own and then some in my system.
They are musical vs. hi-fi sounding in my experience. I am currently using a pair between a 47 Labs 4715 DAC and a Red Wine Signature 30 integrated amp. Also excellent results between a modified MHdt Paradisea DAC and amp. Smooth without glare or any nasties. I've only compared them to Audio Note AN-Vx interconnects that are a bit more open and detailed sounding. Could be a case of copper vs. silver. In any case, a system synergy thing. Give them a try if you are inclined. I believe they have a 30 day return policy.
I know this is an old thread, are they still in business emails are getting kicked back, phone changed?

moved .. try
Since my earlier post I have purchased Chimera Labs XLR, been an interesting sonic journey. Sounded good right from the start, (replaced rca AQ Saphire .. blew away) but the break in "100" hours was "sumptin" else.
I have a modest system but it had the solid sonic qualities that allowed these wires to bring out very pleasing nuances. I would have never guessed that wires need to be broken in, but they did change in staging, dynamics, and tonality. Very pleased with the end result.