Need clean Power.

Hi AuGoNers,
I am thinking about feeding my amp some clean power.I am not sure whether if i should get a power conditioner for the amps or dedicate outlet just for the amps are KR VT850 mono blck.Can i plug both amps into 1 outlet or should i plug them in two dedicate outlets for them? which is a better way to go?my electrician said he ll charge $175/outlet. is this a good price? please help.thanks
I think that $175 for one outlet is kinda high, but acceptable if he's putting in only one outlet. If he's doing two, the charge of $175 per is ridiculous. I use cryoed Hubbels in my dedicated outlets. Use one outlet for source, only. This is just the beginning of the quest for great electric. After you live with your dedicated outlets, you'll probably want to go with a power conditioner matched with excellent power cords. These three things= electric nirvana. peace, warren
Much written on the topic. Warrenh gives good advise. Read:
titled, "Least Controversial, Reasonably Priced AC Upgrades" in tech talk.
If you choose no power conditioner, if in buget then have electrician run two dedicated 20 amp lines for amps, then two more 20 amp lines one each for digital and the last one for analog. You will be future proof then when buget allows pick up power conditioner.
Contact Albert porter and pick up a few porter ports and you'll be good to go! Like above said do a search as there is tons of great info on this!