Need Center and Surrounds to Match Focal Sopra 3

I have a dilemma. I overspent on Focal Sopra 3s which are awesome.  I was using them for 2 channel music and now I’m going to use them for my home theater (music and movies) and cannot afford the Sopra 3 center and surrounds. I regret spending so much now, but I’ll lose a ton selling them used, so I need to figure out an affordable alternative for a center and surrounds.  I don’t believe that I MUST buy a Sopra 3 center and Atmos set up for it to sound good, but still want to get something high quality. Can anyone please help? I’ve looked for used Sopra 2s and 3s and have found nothing. Thinking about high end paradigm center? Other than that not sure. Please help. Sopras have a berrilym dome tweeter, but a match is not a must as they sounded fine with my monitor audio silver center, which I’m now going to use in my living room. Thanks much!! 
Is there a lower prices Focal you can afford... same company probably similar voicing.
The biggest issue matching is the particular resonance of those tweets. Your best bet is a Focal Al inverted dome set up. 

Ignore the dedicated surrounds too. :)
:Your center channel is the most important speaker in a HT setup, don't skimp. I have Wilsons and understand your pain. I use a Wilson Watch Center V3. but the seamlessness of it makes it all worth it. I also added Watch Surrounds, again a great decision. You'll get over the money eventually.
There are lower priced Focals, but I don’t know much about them, and whether a much lower priced center Focal is superior to a slighter more expensive other brand like Paradigm, MA, revel, wharfdale, etc, some of which might have berrilym tweeters (I have to check). There’s also the (hold your breath - Sandy Gross Golden Ear speakers - don’t know whether these are hype or legit audiophile).  Totally agree that the center is the most important but I don’t have almost $4k since I’m downsizing and building a home theater and need to also spend money on a new screen (my Stewart 2.35:1 doesn’t fit), wiring, stage, blah blah. 
It is all about compatible voicing. It’ going to be really hard with another company. 85% of content in home theater comes from the center channel. Focal makes their own drivers... increasing the difficulty in matching. I recommend saving up or buying used.

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I have had many home theater systems and many audio systems. Both have been upgraded over the years. But I’ve always kept them separate.

my observation though is that the most important step in home theater is having five channels. Those channels don’t need to be as good as two channel stereo. It is so distracting to watch a movie that the sound quality is far less important.

What about just getting a five channel system with less expensive speakers for home theater. The spousal acceptance factor can be pretty low n having an extra left and righr. But you can upgrade the home theater system over time. Then you don’t face all these compromises.

Just a thought.
You can run a phantom center and save up $$ to eventually get the right speaker for your mains. What are you running for processor?
Well, good question. I have a Marantz 8002 which I was going to use in my family room set up with my 5.1 monitor audio silvers and then use my older (but still excellent B&K AVR507 v.2 in my home theater. It’s a 7 channel 150w into 8Ohms. It has a huge toroidal amp which can sustain high watts of called for without straining. Rebel speakers use Berrilym tweeters also as do the lower end Focal centers at $2,100 new or something of the Monitor Audio centers with CCAM (ceramic coated aluminum magnesium) drivers which I believe have a similar timber.  I’m thinking any with dual 6” drivers would match well - in the $1,500 range rather than $4k for the Focal Sopra. Just thinking out loud. I really don’t want don’t want to go with a phantom center bc I’ll always find another use for money!